Development and innovation

The technological innovation of BONOMINI s.r.l. is not limited to products, but it invests in the entire production cycle.

Bonomini srl was among the first companies in the industry to have CAD design, nowadays three-dimensional and CAM, the moulding department counts 35 injection moulding presses, of which five are double injection and two with triple injection. The pipe extrusion department has four lines. Also, high robotization and dedicated automation are present in all departments.

The internal movement is governed by a radiofrequency system launched in 1998, relies on forklifts equipped with onboard terminals synchronized with the company's computer system, that provides them with the product and location coordinates in real time. Production planning, quality control, company and product certification support and qualify the company in every respect.

Numerous patents were obtained over the years: TU.BON.FLEX® (Multilayer outlet pipe), TAPPARELLO® (Universal cap), WALLBOX® (Split box), CANALINEA® (Floor drainage channel), BIPOWER® seals and many others.